Volar Health is a strategy and innovation consultancy enabling healthcare organizations, life sciences companies, and leading startups to build and commercialize data-driven products that meaningfully improve the lives of patients. 

We are your trusted partner who will help crystalize the problems your company is solving, the partners you need, and the commercial model to help you achieve success.


Research Strategy

Digital biomarkers are increasingly contributing to research. Whether you're building the next digital therapeutic or launching a wearable service, we identify the tools, experts, and platforms that you need to validate your product. 


Patient Engagement

It can be challenging to create engaging products that measure health variability over time. We create proven engagement models that enable users to improve their health status, while ensuring customers are achieving business value.  


Commercial Impact

From pharma to health systems, the sales process is fragmented and complex. We pride ourselves in delicately crafting value propositions, identifying the most relevant customers, and forging new strategic partnerships.